Genre : Strategy
Publisher: jejoxdev
Developer: jejoxdev
Release date : late 2025
Platforms : PC/Steam
Windows, Linux

HARD VOID is a 4X turn-based space strategy game in a lovecraftian universe. Lead your species across galaxies and multiple dimensions to build an Empire. Design your spaceships, assemble your fleets and fight for supremacy. But beware, unthinkable Eldritch horrors lurk in the vast darkness.

HARD VOID is a depth strategy turn-based game, both in strategic and combat scenarios. It draws its inspiration from old classics like Master of Orion and the more recent Stellaris. It is set in a multiverse inspired by the Lovecraft mythos, including battles against unthinkable abominations and possible unfair mid/late game menaces. It features custom spaceship designs and select from a wide range of ship systems; ship hulls are generated procedurally. Ships are grouped in fleets and lead like a unit. Fleets travel in a procedurally generated multiverse : several other dimensions are available to explore, some with different game mechanics (laws of physics). Various FTL travel methods allow more strategic gameplay options.

Several species in the galaxy inexplicably discover several FTL travel methods simultaneously. This leads the new space-faring species to a race of colonization and conquest for control of the galaxy. They were unaware of the full implications of the new technology. Indeed, there are things that are better not to know, as the new travel methods discovered lead to exploring new aspects of reality far beyond mortal comprehension and slowly draw the attention of the old ones.

Current development stage is: pre-alpha

Battle gameplay demonstration:

Spaceship design gameplay demonstration:

Space colony and multiverse demonstration:

In game captures:

Developer: jejoxdev
Solo indie game developer, physicist, engineer and strategy games enthusiast. Fascinated by deep strategic games, both hard sci-fi and fantasy. Having played classics like Master of Orion, I embarked on a game development journey to make a game that could fulfill my expectations and test my vision of a game.