Hi ! I am jejoxdev

I am a solo indie game developer, Engineer and Physicist. Not a long time ago, I was playing Master of Orion 2, a very fun and lengthy session playing Meklars. Then, in the final battle, there were too many spaceships in the battle: the game crashed!

I realized that even when i was playing a very fun classic game, it has the limitations of its time. Newer space strategy games are excellent, but i liked the most the strategic nature of turn-based combat. With this in mind, i am taking inspiration from many old and new space strategy games to share my vision of a space grand strategy game. My focus is to maximize the player freedom and to bring a complex but not complicated game.


If you support this cause, you can wishlist HARD VOID on steam. You can also donate to my patreon or ko-fi. This could help me to dedicate full-time game development. Feel free to contact me in discord or other means to discuss anything!