HARD VOID is a 4X turn based space strategy game in a lovecraftian universe
inspired by titles like Master of Orion and Stellaris

Currently under development, graphics are not final

Have you ever felt the urge to lead your spaceship fleet against Cthulhu and be completely obliterated? You are covered!

Turn based space combat

Assemble your fleets and lead them in epic battle! many fleets with hundreds of spaceships and multiple simultaneous battlefronts: ground, orbital and deep space forces of multiple factions can participate in battle.

Spaceships are procedurally generated

based on player requirements, in-engine and on demand. With more than 18 trillion possible hull variations, two spaceship classes will never (almost) be exactly the same. Weapons and systems selected by you.

All types of ship systems

A very large selection of systems for ship design, includes :

FTL engines, sensors, armor, shields, thrusters and much more. Each system allows modifications for more customizability

Under active development, more information coming soon,
you can support the project by wishlist in steam or donations in my patreon